Building Contract

  • Contract on general charge, includes work with our co-operation network.
  • Divided contract of general charge where a client or developer is directly contracted with various contractors that can be subordinated to the main contractor.
  • Project leadership contract, we request and compare the quotes from selected subcontractors and handle our procurement openly according to the contract.
  • Hourly basis contract, invoicing on an hourly rate according to the contract.

Construction Project Leadership

  • Defining the needs of the project with client.
  • Competion tendering of the design and control of the design.
  • Construction quotes with contract negotiations and material purchases.
  • Supervising and directing the site. We ensure with designers that the plans and execution are consistent.


  • Estimating enables budgeting of the construction project and the evaluation of alternative methods for execution.

Other Services

  • Maintenance work
  • Scheduling and site usage designing.
  • Site manager services.
  • Asbestos removal leadership, sample taking and report with scale assessment.
  • Name your needs, we are a full building service company!